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Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt) Limited

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Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt) Limited Energy Department, Government of Sindh 3rd Floor, State Life Building No. 3 Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi Mr. Agha Wasif Abbas
Chief Executive Officer
92 (21) 99206821 92 (21) 99206276


Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt) Limited has been formed under the Companies Ordinance 1984 as a Provincial Holding Company for Government of Sindh which owns 100% shareholding of the Company. The company is formed under Petroleum Exploration & Production Policy 2012 which while recognizing the need to develop a strong indigenous base in Exploration and Production (E&P) sector, encourages local E&P companies to come forward and make joint ventures with renowned E&P companies. Moreover, the policy also envisaged working interest of 5% on full participation basis i.e 2 % each for Government Holding (Pvt) Limited and Provincial Government Holding (Pvt) Limited i.e Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt) Limited, where the concession blocks will be located. The Company will initially invest in all oil & gas exploratory and production activities in Sindh under Petroleum Policy 2012 and later on may take part in other coal, solar & wind based energy ventures/projects.


Currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company is Mr. Agha Wasif Abbas, Secretary Energy, Government of Sindh. Our contact person will be Mr. Tariq Ali Shah, Director (Oil & Gas), Energy Department, Government of Sindh (021-99206821 & 0300-9296533). Government of Pakistan has also notified working interest based on the surface area in the province vide statutory notification dated 19th June 2014. Under this notification we are also under negotiation with OGDL and PPL for the allocated blocks.


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