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Provides a forum for exploration and production companies to discuss issues of common interest formulate joint strategies and convey the collective views and concerns of its members related to petroleum exploration and production in general, and numerous matters such as model concession agreements, taxation, oil pricing and legislation.

PPEPCA is associated with policy formulation and provides a channel of communication and a forum for interaction between E&P companies and the Ministry of Petroleum & NR. It aims at the best utilization of the petroleum resources of the country and reviews and makes timely recommendations to the Govt.

PPEPCA maintains a very close liaison and consultative relationship with the Ministry of Petroleum & NR, other related ministries and agencies. PPEPCA has provided useful suggestions and recommendations for improving the policies, rules and procedures.

Another important function of PPEPCA has been the efforts to resolve irritants and problems faced by the E&P companies. This has been a continuous activity and PPEPCA is proud of its contribution in resolving many problems and irritants faced by the industry. It continues to make its best efforts to improve the working environment and more attractive investment climate for the investors.


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